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Update: Website data can now be viewed at http://rbldata.interserver.net. The blacklist is still rbl.interserver.net

The InterServer DNS-based Blackhole List is a spam trap DNSBL. This list does not take spam reports from third-parties. All blocking is done based on email recieved to our multiple spam trap email addresses throughout our network. For additional information click here.

Updates 5/13/2008

Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo server's are whitelisted in this RBL. We feel this is the best method to use at this point in our automated system.

How can I use this list?

This list is available by dns based queries at rbl.interserver.net. Most modern SMTP based software has DNSBL based lookups built into the software. Queries will return if listed.

Who manages this list

This list is managed by InterServer, Inc.

Using this DNSBL already?

Please contact us if you are using this DNSBL to offer suggestions on improvements or just to let us know.

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